Stand-alone Crime Fiction

In addition to the Shanahan and Paladino/Lang books, Tierney writes stand-alone mysteries. These books tell either darker stories or deal with more controversial subjects, but more often than not they focus on ordinary people facing depraved minds or circumstances. In an earlier, critically acclaimed novel, a closeted celebrity food writer finds himself in a bizarre situation. A pleasant holiday turns into a nightmare. A complete innocent, he nonetheless discovers that he has a target on his back. In another, just released novel, a young woman, who barely survived the attack of a serial killer, works hard to successfully put her life back together only to discover the ordeal is not over.

In the future, new non-series work will appear — some shorter, mystery novellas for example. Some may be available in e-book format only. Others, such as Good to the Last Kiss, will be available in all formats.

Good to the Last Kiss

San Francisco Inspector Vincent Gratelli is charged with finding the killer of young women – all murdered in the same way, all left with the with an intimate mark. The most recent victim is beaten and raped in her weekend cabin. There appears to be only one difference – she is still alive. There are two questions. How can these murders be stopped and how does the killer feel about unfinished business?

Gratelli and his partner Mickey McClellan understand all too well how the cycle of violence devastates not just the victim, but all of those involved. Love, jealousy and revenge play roles in a dark mystery that pits friend against friend and explores one cop’s last battle against evil.

“Tierney serves up a dark, twisty little gem…. Every year the genre has its Goliaths, bigger and better ballyhooed than this modest entry. Come Edgar time, however, Tierney’s well-written, tidily plotted, character-driven David of a book deserves to be remembered.” — Kirkus Reviews

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Eclipse of the Heart by Ronald Tierney

Eclipse of the Heart

Zachary Grayson, a seemingly passionless middle-aged San Franciscan who makes more than a comfortable living writing trendy cookbooks, is asked a curious question during the idle chatter of a dinner party: What would you kill for? Grayson thinks the question is so preposterous, he doesn't bother answering. But when a stranger enters his life, everything is turned upside down, and a supposedly harmless holiday in Mexico becomes a life-changing odyssey, an adventure punctuated with love, humor, deceit, and murder.

“Tierney skillfully cuts back and forth between characters in San Francisco , Mexico , and Washington DC , where the strings are being invisibly pulled." — Washington Post Book World

"Plot is plentiful here, but depth of character most clearly distinguishes this fluid narrative that drifts through action, dreams and desire, and occasionally evokes Thomas Mann." — Publishers Weekly

"Tierney writes well and his cast is intriguing.the tension is good and the end a true surprise." — San Francisco Chronicle


Eclipse of the Heart by Ronald Tierney
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