Carly Paladino and Noah Lang

The publisher calls these the “San Francisco Mysteries.” They take place in the city where I’ve lived for the last fifteen years and take place in the many vibrant neighborhoods where I’ve walked many times.

Perhaps this series is more light-hearted than the Shanahan books. They feature Private investigator and fourth generation San Franciscan Carly Paladino who escaped a high-rise, professional security firm to land amid a set of characters only San Francisco could produce. Heading her “new family” is laid-back, streetwise detective Noah Lang, who works with a bright, tough gender-shifting Vietnamese immigrant operative and an unpredictable, bitter old PI who has no work, but refuses to retire..

Pacific Heights, North Beach, Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury, the Castro and the Mission are some of San Francisco's famous neighborhoods and they play a role in this new mystery series. I hope you'll be transported to lesser-known San Francisco as well, including cozy Noe Valley and the hilltop communities of Bernal Heights and Potrero Hill. You'll travel through tough Bayview/Hunter's Point, trendy Hayes Valley, both the jazz-oriented and upscale Fillmore, and you'll take in a new Vietnamese neighborhood blossoming at the edge of the Tenderloin. You'll visit the Russian and Chinese communities out on the Avenues, the gentrifying industrial SOMA neighborhood, and the suddenly prospering community of Dog Patch.

My hope is to write compelling crime fiction set in the historic city of hidden stairways, back alleys, neighborhoods tucked away in out-of-the way places, and miles and miles of foggy coast line. I’ve taken photographs of many of these places as I’ve walked the city.

Let "The City" catch your eye.


Death in the Haight

When Michael Vanderveer goes missing in San Francisco, Private Investigator Noah Lang assumes it’s just another runaway escaping to the Haight, San Francisco’s home to the displaced… until the homicide cops pay him a visit. Fifteen-year-old Michael has been implicated in the murder of a prostitute, and the police don’t want Lang mucking up their investigation — especially Inspector Stern, who has strong opinions about Lang’s questionable past. But Lang becomes inextricably involved when he is hired by Michael’s parents: Michael is being ransomed, and they want Lang to ensure the exchange goes smoothly. As everyone waits for the kidnappers to make their next move, Lang struggles with the Vandeveers’, impatient with waiting and far from their Michigan home; with the twisted, confusing details of the case; and with the moral implications of rescuing Michael, only to have to turn him in for murder. Lang must also deal with Stern, whose increasingly volatile behavior may just put Lang’s life in as grave danger as Michael’s.

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Mascara: Death in the Tenderloin

From the very beginning, things just aren’t what they seem. On a late, lonely night, San Francisco private investigator Noah Lang’s eyes deceive him. He makes a mistake. But what should have been simply an embarrassing moment becomes a deadly walk on the wild side. Unfortunately for Lang, before this nightmare is over, he puts his life on the line a second time for a new client who may or may not have a missing husband, who might or might not live on a boat in Tiburon and who seems to have an odd way to settle the bill for services rendered. This novella, a lively, tougher precursor to the San Francisco series is available as an e-book and in paperback.

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Death in North Beach

Sweet William, a handsome, charming and discreet professional companion to the wealthy, needs help. A famous, but not beloved, novelist is found dead. William is the prime suspect. His only salvation is for the real murderer to be found. He is able to provide a list of suspects — prominent figures connected to San Francisco's legendary North Beach — whose secrets may be revealed in the victim's soon-to-be published tell-all.

Private investigator Carly Paladino agrees to take him on as a client. But the question remained: Was the devilish gigolo telling the truth or did she fall under his spell?

Whatever the case, Carly and her streetwise and skeptical partner, Noah Lang, stir up serious trouble when they try to find the manuscript — and the murderer. Much like North Beach itself, the suspects are trying to preserve the image they want the world to see. And it seems one death is not enough to conceal some very inconvenient truths.

This is a witty, very engaging entry in what promises to be a thoroughly entertaining new series. — Booklist

The interplay between Carly and Noah is delightful – talk about opposites! — George Easter, Deadly Pleasures

This is a perfect rainy day book! — Ruta Arellano, Sacramento Book Review

Good, dirty fun – with a delightful icing of San Francisco details. — Rap Sheet

The Carly Paladino and Noah Lang Mysteries have “the makings of a superior series. Tierney, author of the Deets Shanahan series, has a winner here.” — Library Journal

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Death in Pacific Heights

A turn of events, personal and professional, causes Carly Paladino, a high-ranking investigator for a large and prestigious San Francisco security firm, to reevaluate her life. She decides, with uncharacteristic impetuosity, to strike out on her own. Her first job involves the death of the young daughter of an old and moneyed Pacific Heights family. An itinerant young man has been arrested for the murder, but Carly sees things that make her wonder if the murderer is really someone inside the Hanover mansion?

Before he was hired to investigate the Pacific Heights murder by the suspect's defense attorney, Noah Lang worked for a lobbyist who believed his wife was having an affair. While Lang is staked out at lobbyist's home, the woman kills herself — at least that's what the police think.

The two private eyes come together on the Hanover case and they each discover that this meeting might lead to something more permanent. Or not.

Leaving her job at a large security firm, successful PI Carly Paladino is hired by a wealthy San Francisco family to find their missing daughter. Noah Lang, a far cry from her former employer, offers her space to set up shop, and they form a partnership that has all of the makings for a superior series. Tierney, author of the Deets Shanahan series, has a winner here. — Library Journal

This reviewer really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the next book in the series. — Marc Filippelli, Sacramento Book Review

Given the writing muscle of the author, Ronald Tierney, who's also given us the long-running and acclaimed series about septuagenarian shamus Deets Shanahan, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. — Thrilling Detective

Interesting and fully realized characters flesh out clever plot lines. — George Easter, Deadly Pleasures


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